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  • $95 includes 3 prints of your favorite image & 1 sharable file.
  • Family friendly portrait collections & add-ons available.
  • Earn Kids Cash - $10 for every $100 you spend!
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Join Crystal's Kids Club today and let us create beautiful images of your little monsters!

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Snap is the youngest of our giggle monsters. He is very sweet and LOVES to cuddle. You might find him chasing butterflies or eating his favorite snack - chocolate cookies!


Click is our monster's big sister. She loves helping out and making sure eveything is on task. Her favorite color is pink and she absolutily loves dancing!


Flash is super fast and zoom's around the studio all day long! He loves to run on the sandy beach at the ocean and you may even catch him flying through the clouds (those ears do come in handy!)


Shutter is great at mulit-tasking. Although is many legs tend to make him a bit clumbsy, he certainly tries gets the job done! His favorite sport is soccer and he loves big hugs! :-)

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