5 Things that can Ruin a good picture {photography tip}

photography tip




1 – Trees

Trees are a great addition to any photo, depending on where they are placed in the composition.  Place your subject next to the tree, not directly in front of it.  Having a big tree trunk coming out of their head can look terribly awkward. Always look at your background to check for distracting elements before pressing the shutter button.

2 – Avoid low camera angles

Unless you really love the look of double chins, hold your camera above your eye level when shooting yourself, or above your subject’s eye level.  This helps to thin out the face of the subject.

3 – Avoid shooting in direct sun

Contrary to popular belief, shooting in the direct sunlight isn’t the ideal place for lighting.  It causes your subjects to squint and also creates harsh shadows under their eyes, nose and chin.  Instead, look for a shady spot that is still evenly and well lit.  Your subject will have a nice evenly lit face and much less squinting. Way more appealing and a more professional picture!

4 – Hold the camera still

Especially if you are shooting in low light situations, it’s important to hold the camera very still when shooting.  Any movement from your hands can cause your photo to turn out blurry.

5 – Avoid dark situations

When you shoot in a low light situation and you’re not using a flash, your shutter speed will slow way down in order to get enough light on the subject.  That slow shutter speed can be the reason for blurry photos. Always choose the most well lit area possible for the best quality picture!


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