How to Save Your Camera Phone Photos {Photography Tip}

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Last month we talked about the importance of printing your images {from your camera phone}. This month we want to share this simple activity to SAVE your photos to your computer. It doesn’t take too much time, but you would be surprised how many people are unsure how to do this and keep all of their photos on their phone.  Hope this is helpful for you to permanently save your memories!

1. Plug your camera phone into your computer.
2.  If the AutoPlay window appears, click “Import pictures and videos” using Windows.  Go to step 4.
3. If not, then choose Start > Computer.  You will see a small icon that represents your phone.   Right click this icon and select “Import pictures and videos”.
4.  Select the folder you want to save your pictures in and start the import.
5.  Once the pictures are imported, you can now erase all of the pictures on your camera phone by selecting the icon, then locating the pictures and deleting them.

1.  Plug your camera phone into your Mac.  iPhoto should launch right away with the import window.
2.  Select “Import All”, or select only the images and videos you want imported and click the “Import Selected” button.
3.  After the import is done, you will be asked if you would like to delete these photos from your camera phone.  Click “Delete Photos”.

We also suggest using the dropbox app {or similar} to automatically sync your photos to the cloud the moment they are captured on your phone.

Back up your folders onto an external hard drive so they are saved in 2 different places. We, personally, have 3 copies on external hard drives and a 4th backup online (using services such as google cloud, dropbox or smugmug}. Trust me, it may seem redundant, but you will not regret it when a hard drive fails (and it will).

How to Save Your Camera Phone Pics

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