Help! Save Your Stuck Photos! {Photography Tip}

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All it takes is pulling your phone from your pocket to document a moment in time. Technology has made it very simple to accomplish that, the only problem with this is these pictures tend to stay on our camera phones, stuck!  If the pictures are lucky, we load them from our phone to our computers. But when do we ever use those pictures to put in albums or frames? Hardly ever. Thankfully, some companies have come up with a solution to that, so we can get those “Kodak” moments in our hands instead of lost on a computer’s hard drive or stuck on our phones forever.  Here are some favorites you might want to try.

 1.  Print from home using an AirPrint or Google Cloud-supported printer – Many big printer brands have made AirPrint/Google Cloud compatible printers in the past few years that work with most camera phones to print right from your own home.

 2. – Download this app and upload your pictures to get printed and enlarged right from your phone.  Other online labs and stores with photo labs have similar easy-to-use apps.

 3.  Groove Books – For only $2.99 per month, this app allows you to upload your images.  They print them into a book and send this book with up to 100 photos each month.

Don’t let those captured moments go! Preserve your images (and back them up!) often…your children and grandchildren will thank you. 🙂

Save Your Photos

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