Quinn {10 Days New}

Introducing my youngest niece…she is just so precious! Beautiful like her mama and big sister. 🙂

Please Note. Newborn Safety is very important. The previous 2 images are a composite. I did not actually hang this precious baby from the branch & she was never higher than 3 inches from the beanbag cushion directly below her…with an assistant supporting her head. Please don’t try this pose without a professional. Newborns are so very fragile. 🙂


  • Jamie Levesque - I am interested in talking more with you doing my kiddos photos. I see your work and it looks great. I have a 4mo old son and my daughter is almost 7 n would love to get some singles of them and then some together of the two. The props in your photos are those yours to use? I love them 🙂 I am very much into country prim and also bold and contempo 🙂 please call me so we can talk more . 754-1731 Ty 🙂

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