Powder Room :)

Last week our 2 boys got into a little mischief 🙂 I had just reorganized the spare room downstairs with plans to make it my studio. Logan & Gavin snuck in while I was upstairs for a few minutes and found my baby powder (I use it as a prop with my washtub for baby portraits) Well…they emptied it and made “snow” angels. The whole room was covered! It was very funny but it made me so mad because I had to clean it all up. The good news is nothing was damaged…a little mopping and dusting. Hehehe 🙂

  • Record Family - O Crystal….lol Courtney and her friend Ashley a girl i watched did that in her room..they where 3 or so…memories…u must laugh at that now..

  • Casey - haha omg. i just decided to look at your blog and saw these. hehe. you told me about it but its so much better to see it!!

    love you!

  • crystalclearphotos - hehe…ya I would have killed them if it wasn’t so CUTE!!! 🙂 lol

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