The Monthly Lesson

Today I am going to define Low Key & High Key portraits and what the differences are.
These are my favorite type of portraits to do and work especially well with newborns, small children and seniors.
A High Key portrait is basically white on white (a light subject in front of a very white background). This style of photography conveys a feeling of lightness and clarity. Below is an example…

A Low Key portrait is the opposite of high key. It is pretty much black on black, or at least very dark on dark. This kind of photo can create a sense of intimacy or heaviness. The image below is not quite Low Key (but still makes a striking image). True low key portraits have a darker subject…such as a chocolate lab puppy…on a dark backgroundI hope you enjoyed this small bit of photography information! 🙂 I am always open to comments, questions and suggestions! Have a great weekend!

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