Little Ethan :)

This is my nephew Ethan. He and his mom (my brother’s wife, Casey) are staying with us for a month or so. They live out in California now…but while my brother is stationed in Japan (he’s in the Marines) she decided to come back for a visit.

Ethan is 10 months old…I thought he looked so grown up in this outfit so we took him outside for a few quick pictures. He was so cute!! I love all the expressions he makes! 🙂 This collage is of all his funny faces. That one on the top right…I call it is pirate face…he looks like he’s saying “Aargh!”
He was so curious…he wanted to see what that camera was all about 🙂 SO CUTE! 🙂
I love his little baby face 🙂

There will be more to come in the coming month…stay tuned! 🙂

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