The Monday Lesson

Today I’m going to show what makes a photo look good in color, black & white, or sepia…and how to choose which one looks best for any given photo.

Here is one image, taken in my home studio just a few months ago, in color:
Notice how bright her outfit is? Let’s tone it down a bit…here is the same image in Black & White:
and again in Sepia:

Sepia is my personal favorite for this portrait because it eliminates the color distractions (particularly in her leggings) while still giving a warmth to the image that I love.

Ok, here is another image in color:

And again in B&W:

Converting this image to B&W takes care of the bright green grass and sunlit rocks in the background, which can draw the eye away from the subject.

One of my favorite things to do is create what I like to call a watercolor effect. I basically convert my image to black and white and put the color back to some areas of the photograph….this gives you the best of both worlds.

Here is an image in color:

and the same image, cropped, in watercolor:

In this case, I loved her face in B&W but I also loved the color of her sweater 🙂

These are just my opinions….what do you think? Go have fun, experiment, and decide which way you like your photos best…nothing is set in stone (especially in this digital age) 🙂

Have a great day!

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