Just a little frustrated…

I may not be a consultant for Creative Memories much longer. As much as I LOVE their product, I have been forced to remove all mention of them from my photography website, crystalclearphotos.com, and all links have been removed from my blog as well. Apparently, it is frowned upon to advertise online in any way, shape, or form, other than handing out business cards with my CM website on it.
I have to keep the photography and the scrapbooking COMPLETELY separate, which is next to IMPOSSIBLE…what is a scrapbook without the photos??
If any of you are interested in Creative Memories product, feel free to email me or call me for more information. As, I said I still LOVE the Storybook Creator Plus software (and other stuff) and will continue to use it and share my excitement with you (as well as my future completed pages).
If, or when, I can no longer sell the product…I would be more than happy to get you in touch with my good friend, Lori, who has been a consultant for years and is the reason I love it so much! 🙂
Well, that’s all the venting I needed to do for today….I hope you all have a great weekend!! 🙂

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