The Monday Lesson

How to take a great Sunset Portrait:

There are two main problems when trying to shoot a portrait with the sunset as your background. First, your subject may appear as nothing more than a silhouette because the sunset is behind them. The other main problem is that your subject may appear “washed out” if you use your flash.

Here is how to avoid these sunset portrait problems:

1. Turn off your flash.
2. Aim your camera at the sky.
3. Hold your shutter button half way down to have your camera read the exposure.
4. Keep the shutter button held down and recompose your shot – aiming your camera at your subject (if your camera has an AE lock function, lock the focus on your subject first).
5. Turn your flash back on.
6. Take the shot.

By doing it this way, your subject is lit with fill-flash while the sky behind the subject still is properly exposed.

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