My poor husband…

Today I brought my husband, Korri, to get his wisdom teeth pulled. 🙁
He actually did very well…they knocked him out and he was in surgery for only 20 minutes when they called me in to watch him wake up…which was pretty funny. He started getting his sense of humor back after about 15 minutes of slurred nonsense.
On the way home he decided to call his little sister, Ashley, to wish her a happy birthday (she turned 23 on Sunday). Now, for those of you who don’t know my husband, he is always pulling a practical joke or wise cracking…every time he calls his sister he uses some weird voice or tries to fake her out by pretending he’s a telemarketer or something silly (which she never falls for in this day & age of ‘caller ID’ BTW)
OK…now, remember, my husband’s straight out of oral surgery…his whole jaw is numb and his cheeks are full of cotton. So all she hears is “….. hobby birfgay….” and is about to hang up on him, mad because he is always pulling her leg. I grabbed the phone…laughing harder than I’ve laughed in a long time and explained through my giggles that, no, he’s not being his same old 4 year old self this time…he is honestly just trying to wish her a happy birthday. Ashley laughed and said, “Oh…well, when he sets the precedent….” LOL …

Needless to say….my husband is recovering and I had the laugh of my life this morning. 🙂

He would kill me if I posted his ‘post surgery’ photos here (of course I took some!) but if you want a peek…I’ll be glad to share 😉

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