Happy Birthday Logan & Gavin!!

WoW, I guess I’m a little behind! We had a birthday party for our 2 boys on Sunday. Logan turned 4 on Sat May 17th and Gavin is 2 today, May 21st!!!

Needless to say May is a very busy months for us 🙂 May 18th is our wedding anniversary.

The boys had so much fun…Gavin picked out the SpongeBob theme…he loves that yellow guy more than Logan does! Here they are blowing out the candles on their cake! (or, rather, Logan is blowing his out while Gavin is wondering what the big deal is) 🙂 hehe

And here is Gavin…he swiped some frosting…did I mention that he hates the word “no”?This year we thought we’d get a pinata too…Logan had a ball! I just love how his little tongue is sticking out with all the effort!

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