Got a new toy!

When we got our Economic Stimulus check from the government, my husband asked me, “what was the camera you were looking at getting next?” And I’m thinking…what’s the catch?

Well, we decided to get a camera for my Mother’s Day present and a golf set for his Father’s Day present. (and he’s happy as a 3 year old at Christmas!)

I had been looking to get a little point-and-shoot for a while now so I wouldn’t have to lug around my big SLR everywhere I go…it seems I always leave it behind because it’s too much to worry about and I’m always missing great shots of the boys and the scenery!

And, of course, not just any camera will do, so I got the Canon Powershot G9…it’s an advanced point-and-shoot, so I’m not giving up some of the professional functions I’ve gotten used to. And it still does a pretty darn good job for such a little camera!

This is a shot I took of Logan playing in an old broken down car at my mother-in-law’s house.
And that’s straight from the camera…no tweaking in photoshop…pretty good, huh!

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